My Apartment with April (I)

    April’s text read: Hurry home. Don’t forget popcorn and erasable markers. Planning meeting for CO stoppage.
    I sighed.  She’s going to be so disappointed in me.
    The rain increased as I walked, so by the time I reached home I was drenched.  I shook off my floor length leather duster in the foyer and slipped the hanger into the coat to keep the form solid.  My boots were water resistant Gore-Tex, but currently damp.  They would be dry later.  I kicked them off and moved into the kitchen.
    April stood there in her pink, demon bunny pajamas bottoms with a plain white tank top and no bra.  She’s easily the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen.  Every move she makes around the kitchen is like she’s liquid, filling her tops with gorgeous feminine attributes and bottoms with thick, muscled ass.  She’s taller than me, but not by much and constantly commenting on how skinny I am and that I should enjoy life more and eat more.  She’s my best friend, and the mother I never knew I wanted.
    What better partner in our assignment to keep the Chosen One from being realized to support a mystical tyrannical family in their takeover of the world.
    The erasable board stood in our living room.  Tonight wasn’t in our plans for me to make first contact.  We weren’t sure if I would be your type or April.  My half-Asian features were meant to be in a stark contrast to her solidly Midwestern, All-American girl look.  We weren’t even really supposed to be friends at first.
    “Are you staring at my ass again?” April asked.
    “Yep,” I said.  “You caught me.”
    She turned to smile and saw how wet I was.  “Oh dear!  You’re going to catch cold!”  She practically attacked me with a towel to dry off my head and neck.
    “Have you been using this to dry dishes?” I asked.
    April stopped.  “Uh, yes.”
    I sniffed the towel and gently guided it away from me.  “It smells like dishwater, what are you thinking, woman?”
    I slipped her arms and moved to the dishes on the island.  I sniffed them too.  “Ugh,” I said.  “Why do dried dishes always smell like semen?”
    April shrugged.  “Poor water quality.  Who knows?”
    I looked her in the eyes.  “So... I met CO today.”
    April put her hands to her hips.  “Really?  Why?  How?”
    “It wasn’t on purpose,” I said.  “I saw one of the good guys standing at the bus stop and knew I had to stop him.  He looked really cool.  He looked better when I shoved my stiletto into his back.  He’s in a dumpster now.”
    “Good girl,” April said, throwing her towel onto the counter.  “So what do we do now?”
    “I think we need to tell Mauricio.”
    “Do you want to?  Or should I?”
    I shrugged.  “I’m almost used to his sexual harassment by now.”
    April sighed.  “I really wish he would cut that shit out.  He would be attractive if he wasn’t such a douchebag.”
    My phone beeped.  A text from you awaits.

    Did you send: Help! or It’s OLF. I really enjoyed meeting you tonight.