Mauricio's Apartment (1)

    Mauricio’s text read: Get your fine ass to my apartment on the double. I need a report.
    I quickly texted back: If you don’t cut out your harassment the only report you’re going to get is the one from me to the royal family.
    They won’t do shit and you know it.
    He wasn’t wrong.
    Being cousin to the next ruling family of the world had its perks, certainly and Mauricio capitalized on all of those perks.
    He wasn’t only my boss, he was also best friends with the Prince of Darkness himself, Levi Lackland, heir to the Lackland fortune.  Someone in his family had a chip on his shoulder from having the name Lackland because these days the family owned more than half of the planet.  This chip was conveniently passed on to Levi’s father, Alvin Lackland.  Alvin transmitted the chip via osmosis to his wife, Ivi.
    Mauricio’s apartment was a few blocks from mine.  It would make no sense to get back on the bus.  I groaned as the rain picked up and I jaywalked my way across the street, stopping a couple cars in my tracks.  I stopped on the other side of the street.  I looked up at your third story window for a moment and watched you strip off your shirt in your curtain-free window.  Your bare chest filled me with a bit of a tingle.  Unhealthy, I know.
    I turned before I became too invested in your state of undress and made my way out of sight of your window.  The chilling rain helped bring me back to reality.  You were an assignment.  A sexy assignment.
    I reached Mauricio’s apartment building and buzzed his apartment button.  The awning offered practically nothing in the driving rain.  I buzzed again.  I waited ten seconds and buzzed again.  After a minute of me buzzing every ten seconds Mauricio finally burst out of the front door.
    “What the hell do you want?  I’m busy.”
    “Ugh,” I said.  “You said you wanted me to come over and give you a report.  It’s raining.  I want in out of the rain.”
    “You want in, huh?” Mauricio smiled.  The creep oozed off of him and joined the rain slick sidewalk.
    My stiletto flashed to his left, inner thigh.  “If you don’t cut out the dirty talk, I’m going to cut out anything that would make you even WANT to think about talking dirty.  Now let me inside.”
    Mauricio’s creep smile faded from his lips.  “Get your knife away from my nuts and get in here.”  He stepped backward and waved his hand inward.  His apartment was on the bottom floor, basically underground, next to the complex laundry room.  You’d think someone so close to the next rulers of the world would be able to get better digs.
    He closed the door of his apartment behind us.  “Report.”
    “I met CO tonight,” I said.  CO is our code for the Chosen One.  “Nice.  Cute.  Clueless.  Asked me out.  Had to kill one of theirs.”
    “Good,” he said.  “The fewer of them we have to deal with when the time comes, the better.”  Mauricio paused, shamelessly trying to stare a hole through my duster.
    I groaned.  “Do you mind?  My eyes are up here.”
    Mauricio nodded, curling his bottom lip downward.  “I know.”
    My phone beeped.  You texted.

    Should I address April’s message or yours?